Hilmar Vielhaber and Jose Garcia are the founders and designers of Timepieces.
From them come the ideas of these exceptional and luxurious products.

Hilmar Vielhaber 







After finishing his studies with a master’s degree in engineering, he began his career in 1995 in the industrial paper production as a production assistant. Two years later, becomes production manager.

In 1999 he left his job to found PCE along with two partners. PCE Today is one of the leading European companies in the field of measuring and weighing. PCE produces and markets a wide variety of measuring instruments, scales and balanzas.En these 13 years of industrial activity, the idea has been growing, transforming their experiences in the field of mechanics and electronics and the development of instruments measurement in luxury goods.

Thus in 2007 founded Vielhaber Timepieces along with Jose Garcia (PCE Partner Spain and Italy). Timepieces The primary concern is the design and production of luxury products unique technical characteristics.









When he graduated from the mechanical engineering industry, in 1998 he began his career as a builder in a car company. After working on development projects for Formula 1.

In 2002 PCE Spain founded with three partners. Today PCE (with offices in Germany, Spain and Italy) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various industries in the sector measurement instruments and weighing equipment. Almost simultaneously, Jose Garcia takes the decision to use their industry expertise to design luxury items.

Founded in 2007 by Hilmar Vielhaber Timepieces in order to transform their ideas into real products. These products always have a very special technical plus.

As you can see, watches are constantly changing and the technology for them is constantly improving. The technology at this Canadian casino is always improving as well.






As a self-taught man with great skill, Adrian Castro has extensive experience in the field of design articles. In recent years has been devoted mainly to two priority activities:
On the one hand the design of shoes, watches and fashion accessories and other hand in creating user interfaces in the interactive digital television and mobile telephony.

Adrian Castro is also creative consultant in the direction of company “ADC Design” in Barcelona. Enables and supports some Spanish companies in developing their ideas and marketing their products.
In Castro, his hobby and his profession are closely linked.

His private life is a constant dedication to design items, preferably articles devoted to the male gender.