The Idea

The idea of ​​a new product first emerged Timepieces through a sketch.

Then hand it was changing, correcting and improving the first scheme and everything always experienced engineers.

So you can be sure that the items Timepieces, whether luxury watch or other piece of design, is perfectly engineered and executed brilliantly early on a technical level.

feldo-relojes-de-lujo-idea-1 feldo-relojes-de-lujo-idea-2 feldo-relojes-de-lujo-idea-3

Only marketable products with special technical features ensure the existence of Timepieces.

The advantage once developed should be maintained.
Protection of Know-How of watches is therefore necessary.

It is very difficult to establish effective protection against imitations when done too late.

Only commercially available components with special technical characteristics assure the existence of FELDO. Once this advantage is established, it remains.

It’s important to safeguard this technical knowledge of watches. It is then complicated to ensure protection from imitations for as long a period as possible.