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Since always human nature has had this longing to possess something beautiful and extraordinary. This is exactly what Feldo jewelry reflects the dreams and desires of each person. Therefore, the search for special pieces of jewelry always becomes an act of equilibrio.Son unique jewelry pieces which include their particular style. Due to its exceptional pieces are considered especially valuable and rare in joyería. Sin But other pieces of jewelry can satisfy the craving for something valuable. This collection of high quality is a clear example.
























you can see how the manufacturer pays special attention to the materials used are of high quality, with superb craftsmanship and remarkable accent they have. Each piece of jewelry has its own very special appeal, with its elegant style creates a close union with the unmistakable mark Feldo. This remarkable visual appeal is what makes these small pieces of jewelry treasures. The jewelery collection convinces from the first moment for quality present throughout their line. Precisely in the collection of men’s watches the manufacturer agrees to impress with specific technical refinements. In each model jewelry collection was persuaded altogether as a technology has coordinated every detail. The jewels have lovely visual characteristics. They are presented as a composition of traditional and contemporary elegance.

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Equally unmistakable is distinguished futuristic spirit in man jewelry collection (designer cufflinks). Its touch response, its modernity but also its discreet design will make it a spectator extraordinary art enthusiast. The many pieces of jewelry that are presented as exclusive jewelry, different styles fit today, showing the greatness and strength of man. Therefore, the jewelry collection Feldo Luxury SL is intended as complete works of art. Especially the different rings (stainless steel rings, gold rings, silver rings, …) will make your heart beat faster. Just only these pieces of jewelry, designed in the classic line or line fashion not leave any wish unfulfilled. Follow the links on this page to observe the unique jewelry pieces from this collection.

The high quality of the materials used in the manufacture of these jewelry items makes this collection something exceptional with unmatched elegance . Our company focuses entirely on the design of jewelry. We are aware that this is a very sophisticated market and we found a large amount of items for sale . Our main objective is to highlight our wide collection of different types of watches and jewelry. For this we use all our efforts on getting our jewelry is distinguished by its high quality and peculiar design . It gives us great satisfaction the great success they have had over time our watches and jewelery market both internationally and domestically. This encourages us to continue designing new prototypes. These new prototypes take a long road to finally see the light . Since the project is done designing it in a sketch up that eventually takes shape , pass the various tests required to be optimal for our company. So to develop into a new item from our jewelry. This will take us a long process and will be taken into account any small detail that could affect the proper functioning both in the case of watches and the design of the jewelry.

Across the range of jewelery we offer in our company , our main philosophy is to give a service with the highest level so that our customers can make a purchase nice , seductive and safe . We make a commitment through our products and services. Get to acquire a deeper relationship with customers in a respect and guarantee all our jewelry. Through our certificate of authenticity present in our collection of jewelery you can be assured of authenticity that assumes the warranty on your purchase. The entire collection of jewelry is made from paper design to final product . The jewelry pieces are combined stainless steel and assembled with precious stones , which provides an image stylish and full of charm . We present a wide range of items in our jewelry that we hope will please all of our customers. Turn to our range of jewelery on special occasions such as celebrations, birthdays , nights out , or simply bridging rings for daily use . We poderles be helpful and you find that piece of luxury jewelry in our collection .

Our company appreciates all the confidence and loyalty that customers have placed in us, and we will continue using all our effort and enthusiasm to go to expand our collection of jewelry. So keep the highest level of efficiency and offering unmatched quality standards. The field of jewelry is a passionate look ahead: showing the progress and the art of handmade jewelry.

Feldo in your jewelry collection proves once and a special enthusiasm and exceptional sensitivity . Feldo with its collection of watches, rings, necklaces , bracelets , brooches , bags …. want to convince its excellent quality and exceptional design . Many of our jewelry pieces have in common : they were made individually by hand in Germany (Made in Germany) and with all the best quality that characterizes them. So as a buyer know that when you purchase a piece of jewelry is always getting the highest quality . If you want to have a look around , for example, man watches , please follow this link: Start.

We as manufacturers serve our customers just watches or jewelry all inclusive : in elegant boxes with a certificate of authenticity , warranty card and serial number . We also guarantee it sent all the watches and jewelery are new and which is not used older models . We ship worldwide regardless where the customer is located . Our service department is on Swiss watches and jewelery items ( rings, cufflinks …..) in Germany . They can perform with confidence buying watches or any jewelry item in our collection of jewelry Naturally You also can purchase through our distributors ( for Customers outside the EU) .