Luxury Watches

If you are looking for luxury watches different modern with the added value of a Swiss mechanical movement, which you can hear her warm heartbeat. You’ll find it fairly among the various luxury watches. Luxury watches made ​​with care, with a well-defined details and combining the most advanced design with modern materials and traditional Swiss mechanical machinery of the best luxury watches, powered by the energy stored in the tension of a metal spiral. Although the accuracy of the machines quartz luxury watches, the movement does not convey the same feeling … is the electronics against mechanics.

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Star material these luxury watches is carbon fiber, with which has Timepieces innovative design combining luxury, elegance and technology in unique pieces turning them into spectacular luxury watches (Boogie Pimps).

Both luxury watches are equipped with Swiss automatic movement, Soprod A-10, 28,800 A / h. to 25

Jewels and 42 h power reserve . The cases of these luxury watches are in blued steel black in full for the model steel 1-1 and Mixed PVD finish and gold electroplating in the model 1-2, are in a dodecagonal and carry on the sides a carbon fiber inlay secured by screws.

These luxury watches, the sapphire crystal is flat, with double layer antireflection coating is leather strap finish legitimizes its exterior face carbon fiber optics and is secured by a gold electroplating ardillon and signed with the logo . The most novel of these luxury watches and woman is in the area , which consists of two rotating discs and carbon fiber that, through windows , showing the hour and minute . This original sphere is complemented by a golden bezel ramp and with original hands , manufactured by hand, surgical steel gold plated parts making these luxury watches an The back of these luxury watches is equipped with a transparent glass offers a view of the movement, is secured by 6 screws and engraved with the brand, model, serial number, water resistance and the inscription “Swiss made”. These models are created by Feldo luxury watches only, but are a mark of distinction and provide elegance, precision and authenticity. In its spectacular beauty, the design of these luxury watches is a seductive simplicity, using accurate language and elegance accentuating electrifying together. This is achieved thanks to the most advanced materials and innovative style that distinguishes our brand.

These luxury watches are a perfect combination for success and a sign of differentiation. Both line of luxury watches clasic line as the line of luxury watches fashion line is a challenging vision of preconceived ideas , performing a transformation of the concept of contemporary luxury. We invite you to experience a unique sensation of excitement and adrenaline filled , darkened expectations overcoming modernity innovative with a desire to excel , conveying a sense of warmth in its design and in its craftsmanship purity .

We as manufacturers only serve our clients luxury watches all complete : in elegant boxes with certificates of authenticity , warranty card and serial number . We also guarantee the sent , that all luxury watches are new products and is not used older models . We ship worldwide regardless where the customer is located . Our service department is in Switzerland . They can perform with confidence buying luxury watches in our luxury watches. Naturally can you also buy through our distributors ( for Customers outside the EU)