Mini mass production

After the prototype has been tested to the last detail and eventually improved, starts mass production.
With mass production Timepieces envisages a mini series production, as always with basic craft skills and abilities in the foreground.

It is established that way, so you always a series of luxury watches Timepieces are only a few thousand units or perhaps a limited edition of a few hundred items (eg 250).
Only relatively few people in the world can at both possess these unique.

feldo-relojes-de-lujo-mini-produccion-2 feldo-relojes-de-lujo-mini-produccion-3

The mini series production joins an extremely thorough final inspection.

With luxury watches that passed back by the hand of the final verifier.

Any small defect or variation is discarded.

Or the items are returned to the state required by a manual fix or are dismantled and removed again.

As a client you only ever get top quality watches.