About us

feldo-1-1FELDO Luxury S.L. luxury watches are always distinguished for being “extra special”. It’s apparent that they incorporate an extraordinary design with high precision. However, what causes these luxury watches to be very special and stand out from others is in it achieving the manufacturer’s slogan:

“Each product must have its own, easily recognizable technical seal of quality”.

Evidently this is also valid for our luxury watches. For this reason, FELDO does not incorporate current complications from different models of luxury watches, the product itself is the complication.

Thus the product is born, and at first sight they don’t seem to be for everyone. Nevertheless, the special client who loves modern designs, elegant materials and great technical refinement, immediately understands that these luxury watches correspond to their desires.

During a lot of months, Feldo engineers have developed a revolutionary design with new concepts both in their luxury watches form and design. Feldo is continuously extending its wide range of products and we can offer to the customer a great number of attractive proposals. Our new exclusive wrist- luxury watches have a special “plus”.

Our wrist-luxury watches are a dream come true. Regarding the reduced areas technique, our new wrist-luxury watches are actually masterpieces. The particular processing of our luxury watches using selected materials and precious stones is responsible of providing our watches with a luxurious high confort as well as refined appearance. The newest Feldo wrist watches are combined with high technical designs. The time in which, luxury watches were only used to dial hours and minutes has passed. Nowadays, luxury watches are attractive complement for any ocasion even for the most important events in life. In this image we can see our new timepiece working. The external dial is the minute hand while the smallest one represents the hour.

FELDO luxury watches essentially seduce by their extraordinary design and extra secure technology. Many watch manufacturers put the mechanism of the watch first. Often the most important characteristics are new complications in design or at least ones that are established but improved upon.

With FELDO, our luxury watches are designed using good technical mechanisms, attention is centered unequivocally on a different technical presentation, as nowadays even luxury watches serve firstly to tell the time and secondly as a piece of jewelry.

Jewelry was very fashionable a thousand years ago and even today most people wear at least one piece of jewelry. The term jewel also refers to semi-precious stones which are often used to adorn more precious materials. Nowadays, jewels are used to embellish the appearance of an item. In the past, however, aside from being of high material value, a jewel also had magical and even erotic value.

Heads of families were normally adorned with the most expensive pieces of jewelry giving off an air of inaccessibility. Even today jewelry is used to show social status or to guarantee financial security. However, for most people a jewel is simply the most beautiful thing in the world.

Let us return to the repercussions of luxury watches. Each suit at night becomes magnificent with an appropriate watch is being worn. These luxury watches are always rare. Designers produce the most unusual forms. The mechanism of the watch is its skeleton, the colours, the diverse forms and measurements are created and combined with diverse materials. In this way, a watch can be made to specifically suit each client.